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MOMIZI BUSINESS HOTEL Hotel is a bold Japanese hotel located in Linh Lang - Ba Dinh neighborhood, where many Japanese people live in Hanoi.

Designed and equipped with most of the equipment imported directly from Japan: wallpaper (Sangetsu), curtains, bathroom equipment (Toto, Inax) as well as Amenities appliances are imported from Japan (Shiseido shampoo, shower gel).

With 26 rooms with many windows, equipment such as Minibar (free drinks), internal telephone, Daikin air conditioner, 32-inch LED TV, safe electronic safe, free high-speed WiFi, 5 Japanese channels, a bathtub, an electronic toilet are provided in all rooms. Especially with a unique design, suitable for both short-term and long-term business customers.

There are rooms equipped with separate Japanese massage chairs so guests can relax after a working day. There are rooms equipped with unique relaxation chairs for guests to relax and watch movies and read books at the same time.

There are rooms like a miniature apartment including kitchen, very suitable for customers who want to cook by themselves.

The outdoor hot spring bath and sauna system on the rooftop is close to nature and can see the city from above.

The entire daily water system of the hotel is treated through a water filtration system designed and installed by the Japanese Company (Sanicon). The hot water system is fully circulated according to Japanese hotels standards.

The breakfasts are served with Japanese dishes, ingredients and spices all imported from Japan. In addition, there are traditional dishes of Hanoi (Pho) and a number of European fast food. The friendly and friendly atmosphere of all MOMIZI Business Hotels staff is more special than all other luxury hotels.

All staff are able to communicate well in Japanese or English. This creates a feeling for business travelers who are at home

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









We will serve each Japanese dish using ingredients and seasonings imported from Japan.
There are also traditional Hanoi dishes (pho) and Italian-style fast food.

Bicycle rental is free. It is convenient to go to a nearby shop.

Extension telephone, air conditioning (Daikin), 32-inch LED TV, electronic safe, high-speed Wifi (free), and Japanese TV (5 channels) are available.

Car and motorbike parking is nearby. However, there is a charge. Please contact us when using.

Dear Customer

After 1 year of operation in the model of Japanese commercial hotel service, with the best efforts of the Board of Directors as well as the entire staff of MOMIZI BUSINESS HOTEL, we are extremely happy and honored. upon receiving the GUEST REVIEW AWARD reward from booking.com for 2017.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to the guests who have chosen MOMIZI Business Hotel's service and to give us valuable comments and suggestions so that we have the opportunity to improve and keep it fresh. quality of its service.

Please continue to accompany MOMIZI BUSINESS HOTEL with reviews, and send to your colleagues and friends your feelings so that they can extend the sharing and evaluation so that we can satisfy all both customers with dedication and effort.

The best choice for the special holiday. We are very pleased to serve you!

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